A Website is Never Truly Done

You just launched your new site, CONGRATULATIONS! Launching a website takes a lot of time, effort, and editing. Trust us, we would know. Now that you’re website is up and running, that means you’re done, right?
Absolutely not.
Technology is constantly changing – and there’s a lot of pieces of technology that goes into a website. Every plugin, application, and widget will need to updated, maintained, or even replaced at some point. Sometimes even your content needs to be updated for SEO purposes or if your company has a major change.
There’s a lot that goes into website maintenance. However, so many people, both developers and website customers, don’t understand the value of ongoing website maintenance. Here at Rainman Creative, website maintenance is a huge part of what we do. In fact, every website launched with us receives monthly website maintenance.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means a few things.

Continued Optimization

Having content with SEO built in is an important step during the web development process. However, SEO work doesn’t end when a website is launched. There’s so many awesome backend plugins (like Yoast) and google optimization techniques that you can implement on your site.

Now, it takes Google anywhere from few days to a few months to index a new site. You do not want Google to struggle through crawling your website. That’s where all the fancy plugins and techniques come in. SEO plugins like Yoast can help Google pinpoint keywords on each of your pages. Showing Google keywords allows Google to understand what your pages are about and where to rank them.

A tool like Yoast can be used with a variety of different techniques to boost your SEO ranking. In addition to your SEO content, you can use a Schema markup that can display information about your website, like your most important pages, in the search engines results. Schema markups also boost your chance of being the top featured snippet in a Google search. Then there are XML sitemaps that map out your website (hence the name siteMAP) for Google.

Fresh Off the Press: Content is Making a Comeback

Google likes fresh, informative website content. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your whole website every month, that would be insane. This just means finding new ways to work with existing content.

A big way to boost your SEO with preexisting content is by utilizing your old blogs. If you have a blog for your business, we’re willing to guess that you just publish it, share it on a couple of social media websites, and then call it a day. However, you’re blogs are a goldmine for SEO. Think about it, they are already filled with rich content that Google already loves. You can go back and tweak old blogs by adding new external links or updating published blogs with a fresh perspective or new information.

Even the Best Plugins Need a Little TLCwebsite development, website maintenance

Every website uses a variety of tools, plugins, and applications to get up and running. However, forgetting to check these things on your website can lead to website crashes, slow load times, and glitches. If these things start happening to your website, then Google will start ranking you lower. Again, you don’t want anything to hinder Google’s crawl through your website. That’s why you have to regularly check in to the backend of your website to update any plugins or applications you have on your website. This helps keep your website running optimally and your Google ranking secured.

SOS, Website Maintenance Sounds Like a LOT of Work

Yes, it is! There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into your website after it’s been launched. We understand that, and that’s why Rainman SMS offers it as a service for all of our clients. We make it easy for you to have a Google ranking website that you’re proud of with virtually 0 effort on your part. Everything from your SEO to your website’s plugins will be checked on monthly so you can rest assured your website is at optimal performance.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a beautiful new website with continuing website development, Rainman SMS is ready to make your dream a reality. Let’s Brainstorm your digital first impression.

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