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Customized Software to Streamline Your Business & Profits

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  • Lower Overall Buisness Costs

    A custom web application from Rainman Creative can help reduce the overall costs of your business while increasing profits. Web applications can dramatically lower costs by reducing the amount of support and maintenance needed to get a job done. For example, a company could use their web application as a task management system that supports their unique workflow. This could entail tasks such as appointment making or data entry. Over time, this software would eventually replace multiple case managers which would, in turn, lower your daily operation cost and management risks. Custom web applications can help your business lower its expenses and increase workflow. By further streamlining your business operations as a result of your custom web application additional savings can often be found.

  • A Program Curated Just for You

    Not satisfied with the out of the box software experience? Rainman Creative is your solution. Our experienced, knowledgeable team will tailor solutions to your company’s individual needs. The custom web applications we develop for you will easily become an integral part of your existing business system. No matter if your company is large or small, we can build the app you envision.

    The Rainman Creative team has many years of experience in the field of designing web applications and understands the unique business challenges of every client. We use cutting-edge technologies and a modern framework to make sure your web application is scalable and secured. Most importantly, we make sure the application is helping you run your business at its full potential and therefore fueling your profits.

  • Simplified Workflow Increases Your Efficiency

    One of the greatest benefits of having customized software for your company is the increase in productivity. Improved efficiency is part of the Rainman Creative web application package. Before we start your project, we do extensive and thorough research over your industry and your daily operations. Our web application development team has a thorough understanding of your business’s objectives and will work in close collaboration with you to come up with most appropriate web application development solution. Our team will figure out what is slowing down your company's process and what is preventing your company from reaching optimal profits in order to create a solution for a smoother operation with increased ROI. Your custom Rainman Creative web application will make sure you save money and time down the line.

  • Scalability for Your Future Ideas

    What does the future of your business look like? Hard to tell, right? None the less, you have to be ready for it. One of the advantages of working with Rainman Creative compared to other web application development companies is that we don't just work towards your current goal, we go beyond it and look at what is to come. Our dedicated team will make sure your business’s future plan is considered and easier to implement when the time comes. With the future of most businesses being so unclear, at Rainman Creative we know one of the biggest concerns for our web application development clients is the scalability of their web application. In today’s data-centric world, web applications have to be ready for any sudden load of data and usage. That is why our custom created web applications come standard with clean code, structured databases, and comprehensive documentation.

The Steps to Successful Software Design


The first, and one of the most important, steps towards realizing a custom web application is the planning or discovery phase. At Rainman Creative we dedicate this period of time to learn about the specific issues you wish your web application to solve and the specifics of your web application itself. We analyze your use cases and create a plan to streamline each scenario.  We will go over every unique feature with you including, user story, user type, permissions, screen view, and more, which in turn allows us to curate your web app to your business’s specific needs and more accurately estimate cost and time needed to complete the project. Another key component of this phase, and throughout the Rainman Creative web application development process, is communication. The better we understand your project and what your business needs, the more efficient your web application project will be in the long run. Without planning, calculating the strengths and weaknesses of the project and development of software is essentially meaningless.

Develop Back-End

Based on the planning phase, we start working on your web application’s features. Every week, you will receive an update on your applications progress and the scheduled plans for the upcoming week. If you have any concerns over the web application so far, we will walk you through them.  We will also inform you on any of the challenges we are facing with your application and the steps we are taking to correct them. In order to respond to the unpredictability of constructing software, we use the Agile Approach for the backend of our projects. If you don't like the feature we coded, no worries, we will brainstorm a solution and improve the feature to your satisfaction. Most of our projects are created using Laravel and NodeJS. These two modern frameworks make any web application project feasible.

Develop Front-End

Simplicity is key. Most web applications are hindered by fancy, over the top websites. Rainman Creative will make sure your custom web application has a clean look and most importantly, that it is user-friendly. Our custom dashboards and menus will facilitate smooth workflow for all web application users. The main goal of front-end development is to support and collaborate with the back-end of development. Web applications need to be feature rich and highly visible to search engines. Rainman Creative will use various techniques to optimize your web application for SEO, allowing search engines and clients to find it with ease. Rainman Creative can also help you run your web application using the software as a service (SaaS) model.


Another advantage of using the Agile approach in web application development is that it allows for constant testing of the application. Rainman Creative tests your web application from the first draft to final review, so you don’t have to worry about scrutinizing every aspect to assure it runs properly, we have you covered. We use modern technologies to test your application in a multitude of ways including unit testing, browser testing, and even manual testing. Rainman Creative use automation tools to streamline features. This will help you envision different possible scenarios and demonstrate how the web application will handle them. Testing allows us to make sure unexpected errors are accounted for and fixed.


Most of our web applications are hosted using Heroku and AWS. Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. In the long term, cloud computing is more cost effective and overall practical. Upon completion of a web application, Rainman Creative begins CAT (Customer Acceptance Testing). This allows end users to tell us exactly what they think of the new custom web application. We take this feedback into account and make decisions for improving the application. At Rainman Creative, deploying a web application is far from being the final step in its creation. To better our services and create the best web application for your business, we constantly monitor, analysis and make adjustments for improvement to your web app.


The maintenance phase can be a bit confusing for some of our clients. Don’t worry, we will walk you through it, along with anything you may have questions over. The Rainman Creative maintenance phase consists of two major components, hardware upgrade, and software upgrade. As most of our clients’ use cloud-based servers, our main focus is on the software upgrade. This includes database optimization, design changes, database transfer, database migration/upgrade, adding features, and improving technology. At Rainman Creative, we don’t charge for non-sense maintenance fees, we make sure your money is well spent on the web application development services you truly need.

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    At Rainman Creative, we completely involve you in the development of your web application and use your feedback to craft the perfect custom software solution to streamline your business operations. Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll help you determine how to make the web application your business needs.