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    A text message and SMS marketing application that will help you expand your business and increase lead generation.

A Text Messaging Platform Serving Millions of Customers

  • Multiple Keywords at Rainman SMS San Antonio

    Multiple Keywords

    It’s impossible to sum up your business in one word. That’s why Rainman SMS gives users multiple keywords so they can get the right people in the right group for the right message.

  • Instant reply SMS Marketing Rainman SMS

    Instant Receiving

    Many Text Msg Platforms will put your message on hold and scheduled for the next available time slot. At Rainman SMS we believe in no delays and more customization, your messages will reach your audience instantaneously.

  • Mass Text Messaging Service

    User Management

    It takes a village to run a successful business. As an organization owner, you can maintain multiple user roles and permissions in a convenient location.

  • Rainman SMS San Antonio Automatic Customized Reply Message Text Marketing

    Auto Reply Msg

    You don’t want to leave your audience hanging and neither do we! Our application lets you customize auto-reply messages, and send them to your audience in a second when they reply you the right keyword.

  • smartphone website San Antonio TX Rainman Creative

    Mass Messaging

    Mass text messaging can help you stay connected with all of your clients quickly and easily. No matter what business you own, mass text messaging can help you send out bulk messages that will keep your clients informed, generate engagement and build stronger relationships. 

  • Text message marketing analysis

    Data Analysis

    Want to know how popular your group is getting? Or the number of messages you sent out each month? So do we, that’s why we make data analysis easy.

Why Rainman SMS is Your Marketing Solution

SMS marketing San Antonio TX
  • MMS (Coming Soon)

    MMS or Multimedia Messaging Services, allows you to send pictures, videos, contacts, audio recordings and longer text messages. This Rainman SMS feature enables you to send your clients a picture of a coupon or a promotion directly to their phones. That's not the only use for the Rainman SMS MMS feature. A company such as an apartment complex can use it to allow tenants to send pictures of an issue they are having, for example, a leaky roof or a broken window. 

  • Notifications

    Rainman SMS can help you send out the notifications you want your clients to see in seconds. For example, a restaurant can use the Rainman SMS service to send out a text message letting patrons know their table is ready. It can also be used to schedule messages to go out at specific times to remind customers of certain deadlines or to make future appointments. Rainman SMS allows you to stay connected and engage with you your clientele with a simple notification. Rainman SMS keeps you at the top of your clients and prospects minds.

  • Special Offers

    Rainman SMS can be used to promote your business through special offers. You can send customers promotions and coupons that will arrive directly to their cell phones, instead of ending up in their junk mail. Regardless if your business is small or large, Rainman SMS has the capacity to send promotions to all your clients. A retail store, for example, can greatly improve their client relationships by sending out special offers such as available discounts. People respond to text messages far more than any other form of communication. 

  • Automated Text Messaging (Coming Soon)

    Rainman SMS allows you to send automated text messages, also known as scheduled text messages. These are messages that you write in advance and schedule to send in the future to your clients. Sending automated messages makes it easy to reach people quickly and is one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind with clients. Automated text messaging from Rainman SMS can be used to send an automatic welcome text when people join a mailing list, to send appointment reminders, payment reminders, inform customers of any changes in service, or even to inform them of a delivery. The possibilities are endless!

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    Rainman SMS can help you keep your clients informed, generate engagement, and build stronger relationships. Give us a call or send us an email and we can help you start your Rainman SMS text message marketing campaign today!