4 Top Reasons You Need To Redesign Your Website

4 Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website

So, you have a website. It may not be the best-looking website and it takes over three minutes to load, but at least you have one and you are making yourself known on the internet, right? Sadly, this is tragically wrong. A website that is unattractive and hard to use is more likely to hurt your business than help it. Your potential customers don’t want to be challenged in order to view your website or wait until they get home to access it from their desktop computer.

Unsurprisingly, mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018. Meaning if your website is out-of-date and cannot be loaded on a smartphone, your business, content, and message will not be seen. Your business will soon become irrelevant and lost in memory like VHS tapes and JNCO jeans.

If your website is lacking in features and functionality you risk losing valuable business and traffic. How do you know when your business is in need of a new website? Take a look at the list below to discover the 4 top reasons you need to redesign your website.


Be Responsive or Be lost

mobile friendly website

This is one of the main reasons a website needs a redesign. If your website is not responsive, meaning it is not available on all platforms including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, you most defiantly need a website redesign and ASAP! For a few years now, Google has given “mobile-friendly” websites a higher ranking in its search results over desktop only websites. When searching for a service online most people only trust the first page of results and if your website is not on there you are giving your competitors your potential new leads. Plus, Google recently fully implemented mobile-first indexing. This update means that Google will now rank a website based on the mobile version of its website’s content.

As of 2016, people search for services on their mobile devices more than any other device- making this design decision a no-brainer.


Out-of-Date Look

Your website is your digital storefront. It is the online version of your first impression and it is what a lot of potential customers see first. This makes it hyper important for your website to be sleek, clean, modern and user-friendly. If the first thing you see when you look at your website are visual tell-tale signs of aging like small basic fonts, a complicated layout, old boring stock photos, and flash your website is out-of-date. Along with these visual cues, oftentimes the code rendering the website’s backend may be hindering it by causing slow loading speeds, having unoptimized metadata, and nonexistent SCHEMA markup. People do judge a website by its cover (landing page) so if it’s not modern and functional, you need to update!


Search Engines Don’t Like You

When you search for your website on Google what page does it appear on? Your business has changed and grown, is this reflected, in terms of information and search engine optimization (SEO), on your current website? Are your keywords still ranking? Do you even have keywords? Does your SEO reflect the latest algorithm update by the all mighty Google? Your website may be visually pleasing but if it is not optimized for SEO it is in need of a redesign. Updating and improving a website’s onsite SEO can aid your business in acquiring new clients and can help improve page ranking on popular search engines.

search engines

You Have Changed

If your logo or services have changed, you will defiantly need to make changes to your website. Also, if your logo or your businesses goals have changed you will want to redesign as well. You want your website to reflect what your business is like today, so you can get the right clients. If you recently got a new service or product and your conversion rates are lower than you expected, then it may be time to consider a general re-design (front and backend) including; layouts, page descriptions including product or service

descriptions, calls to action, tone and copy showing the new version of your business. People look online before making a majority of their purchases, presenting your business clearly and accurately is essential to getting their business.


Redesign Your Website With Rainman Creative

Any of the above are great reasons to get a website redesign. If you make an assessment of your website and you meet any of these criteria you should consider having your website professionally designed to maintain maximum effectiveness and conversions. Your website is your digital first impression and Rainman Creative can help you put your best image forward. Our knowledgeable team of experienced web designers and content writers are experts at making beautiful, user-friendly, responsive, Google ranking websites. Give us a call at (210)647-6333 or contact us online, let’s brainstorm.


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