Batman Has Nothing On Our Website Development Tools

Like Batman, Rainman has a lot of tools in our utility belt. While we don’t have a Batarang (yet), we do use a lot of awesome plugins, software, and services to ensure our clients get the SEO-ready website of their dreams. Today, we’re going to give you a peak into our proverbial Batcave by sharing some of our favorite website development tools that help us build and maintain websites. In the spirit of high school, we’ll be presenting our list a la senior superlatives.

Best Party Host – Yoast

Content is a big part of what we do at Rainman Creative. Between content for websites and social media, it takes a lot of content to do what we do. But, our clients’ websites aren’t a personal diary, we don’t fill them with random words and ideas. Like us, our clients are result oriented business people that want to drive leads to their websites. That’s why your content needs to be a big, beautiful neon sign for both your clients and Google. Google is like the bouncer of Club Internet and determines whether or not your website is “in” or “out”. So, in order to get past the velvet rope, you need to practice good SEO habits.

This means a lot of things. SEO is everything from the structure of your posts, to the number of internal links, to the alt tags in your photos. There are so many factors to consider when developing content, how do you make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases?

Enter Yoast. Yoast was that one high school friend that always threw the best parties. Why? Because they knew the right people to invite, the right music to play, and had the best party themes.

Yoast, website development tools

If you do any kind of blogging or operate your website on WordPress, then you’re probably already familiar with Yoast. It is consistently one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time and one of our frequently used website development tools. Instead of trying to remember all of the SEO best practices and applying them to every page of content, Yoast does most of the work for you. It provides real-time, SEO analysis of your page. It can tell you the strength of your SEO, if it’s good or bad, and why. Every website is unique and Yoast understands this. That’s why you can toggle your Yoast to focus on or ignore certain criteria. For example, at Rainman Creative, we typically ignore the Flesch Reading Ease. We tend to target highly educated individuals that are experts in their field so, of course, our copy score is going to be low.


Best Dressed – Beaver Builderbeaver builder, website development

Like we’ve said before, making a website takes a lot of work. There are so many lines of code that go into building a single website. One way Rainman Creative organizes all the pieces together is by using Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that allows us to build and edit certain website components directly on the frontend. Instead of hard-coding a text box every time, we can add one to a website in just a couple of clicks. Think of it like this, if Beaver Builder were in high school, they would always have the best outfits. They were that one person that always looked effortlessly cool, but was still really approachable.

However, Beaver Builder is not just for the convenience of our developers. It also makes things better for our content developers. Content is always susceptible to change. Whenever they need to go into a website to make edits for a client or updates for SEO, they can do it easily themselves.


Biggest Gossip – SEMrush

Yoast doesn’t get to have all the SEO fun here at Rainman Creative. Another SEO tool we use here is SEM rush. SEMrush is a user-friendly SEO dashboard that allows us to focus on the specific keywords that attract users to a particular page. It’s similar in function to Google Analytics (which we also use), but it’s more user-friendly and specific for our SEO needs. SEMruse wins the most outgoing accolade because it knows everything about everybody (picture Gretchen Wieners of Mean Girls). SEMrush will talk to you and know all of your business in a matter of seconds.

SEMrush, SEO tools

SEMrush can display all of the search terms people are using to find your website. From there, you can see which pages are ranking highest for those terms. When we redid our website, we wanted to see which pages we should keep and which keywords we should focus on. SEMrush made it a lot easier to generate new content because we knew which keywords were our strongest. It even showed us which blogs we needed to keep for the new site and which blogs were no longer relevant.


Lots of Tools, One Rainman Creative

Sure, there a lot of website development tools in our proverbial utility belt. However, we use them in conjunction with our website developing knowledge and experience. A lot goes into developing clean, modern websites so you can make your best digital first impression. If your website is looking outdated, not ranking well, or if you don’t have a website at all, contact us today!

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