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3 Important Questions Before Making a Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in today’s digital landscape. There are so many other businesses competing for the attention of your customer. With over billions of dollars being poured into digital marketing every year, standing out from competition requires a sound digital marketing strategy.

However, before you go about creating the perfect strategy, you have to ask yourself three major questions.


1. Who is My Company?

 Brand identity is the most crucial component to any digital marketing strategy. You can’t target customers or sell anything without knowing exactly who you are. Similar to the famous RuPaul quote, if you don’t know yourself, how are you ever going to sell anybody else? When people think of branding they tend to focus on superficial things like colors and logos. But, that’s barely even the tip of the branding iceberg. If your business were a person, your brand identity would be its personality. It would be the clothes they would wear, the interests they have, and the shows they would binge watch. Once you know who your company is, it’s easier to navigate goals and reach your clients.

And brand identity doesn’t happen overnight. Just like a person, your brand my be complicated to figure. Then once you have it figured out, it may change. Remember, Amazon started as an online bookstore before it became the behemoth that it is today. That means that they have changed their brand identity multiple times – and judging by their growth, they’ll never stop changing. Sure, you need to have some solid foundations on who your business is, but be aware that they are susceptible to change.

brand identity

2. Who is My Customer?

We know, we sound like an owl by asking “who, who”. Knowing exactly who you are and who your customer is makes your digital marketing strategy that much more powerful. Customer personality (or Buyer Persona as HubSpot lovingly calls it) works similarly to brand identity. However, customer personalities can be a lot more volatile depending on the industry or the market. You can’t forcibly sit people down and demand that they give you feedback about your business so, what can  you do?

While customer personality is hard to gauge, you can narrow things down to attainable target markets. There are so many different tactics to understanding your target markets (HubSpot has over a dozen certifications on this topic alone). Before you even start, think about who you want to sell your product to. Are you trying to satisfy a particular niche? Or are you trying to reach a broad audience? Either way, picture that perfect customer.

buyer persona, target demographic

Now, when you have that customer in mind, compare it to the actual customers that you do business with (if your business is at a stage where it’s receiving customers). Where are the discrepancies? Maybe you’re even attracting a customer you never thought you were reaching. Remember, just like with brand identity, your buyer persona can change overtime. Maybe as your business grows, you start targeting demographics. Or maybe times are changing and your customers are aging out of your


3. What’s the Right Digital Solution for My Business?

Once you understand who you are and who you’re trying to reach, the next big step is deciding what kind digital mediums you want to use for your digital marketing strategy. Yes, we are in a very digital society, but everyone enjoys technology differently.

gen z, teen social media habits

For example, if you’re targeting Gen Z’ers, you wouldn’t have a strategy involving Facebook Advertising since that’s not what they use. You would probably lean more towards sponsored Instragram posts or using a YouTube influencer to sell your product since Gen Z’ers are more about content consumption than social networking.

As subjective as selecting a digital solution is, there are a few fundamental basics. You need to have a digital presence that’s searchable, rankable, and accessible. Typically, that means having a solid website. Having a website with great SEO is necessary for any business in any industry. In today’s world, before we do anything, we Google it first. We check online for the menu to the hot new eatery or read reviews for a local mechanic. If people Google your service or product and can’t find you, they’ll go straight to a competitor.


A Solution for Complex Digital Marketing Strategy

The different options for making a digital marketing strategy can be extremely overwhelming. At Rainman Creative, we understand. That’s why we work with small businesses every day to create their perfect digital presence aka a digital first impressions. If you’re looking for a solid foundation to your digital marketing strategy, Rainman Creative is here to help. Our Google ranking, beautiful websites can help propel you ahead of your competitors in the digital landscape. If you’re ready to get started, contact us here.

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