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    Staying social is a great way to generate leads and engage current customers. We know it can be a lot of work, that's why Rainman Creative is hear to help.

Why Social Media?

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    Building Relationships

    Building relationships is the cornerstone of social media (hence the term 'social' media). However, it's more than just connecting with friends. Businesses can utilize social media to build relationships with prospective and current clients. 

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    Brand's Credibility

    Social media helps your business connect to your community. It adds to the overall brand image by giving it a face. When a business is personable, it becomes approachable. When your business is personable, it increases lead generation and drives conversions

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    Set the Tone of Your Business

    Who is your business? More importantly, what is it saying? Whatever it is, you want to make sure it's heard. Social media can help your brand's voice shine. Don't know your brand's voice yet? That's okay. We can help you out. 

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    Increase SEO

    Did you know your social media could be a useful tool for SEO? Having social media platforms makes your company more search-able. Your social media can also serve as external links on your new website which in turn strengthens the SEO for the website.

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    Marketing in Real Time

    Have an important accomplishment you have to share? Or are you an insurance agency needing to alert your clients about filing a claim for inclement weather damage after a big storm? Social media can help you get your message out instantly

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    Keep an Ear Out

    People are using social media for more than just connecting. Social media allows you to engage with your customers 1-on-1, whenever you'd like. You can receive reviews first hand as well as directly respond to customer comments. 

How Rainman Creative is Your Social Media Solution

San Antonio TX Facebook Marketing and Social Media at Rainman Creative
  • Comprehensive Brand Analysis

    We really take the time to get to know your business. We want to understand everything: voice, message, personality, mission, purpose, and everything else. Before we share content, we make sure to understand we represent your company's best voice. If you use our social media services, our team will represent your company with meaningful content to target your best audience. 

    What does that look like? That means we create every piece of content around your company's biggest SEO keywords. Not only does this help keep everything cohesive, it also helps Google understand the purpose of your business. The better Google understands your website (and sees that it's legitimate), the better your website will rank when customers are searching for information related to your business. 

  • Dedicated Scheduling

    We get it, work gets busy and sometimes it's hard to maintain your company's social media pages. Luckily, we can take the burden off by keeping your page active. We'll schedule posts on a set schedule, while still leaving room to post whatever you may immediately need. If there's an important Tweet or post that needs to be shared, we're on it. 

    These periodic posts will boost the overall SEO for your business. Google likes seeing that your website has some external links. When you link your social media sites to your website, it's very important that these links are active. If your Twitter hasn't been updated since 2013, it not doing any favors for your business's SEO.

  • Website Integration

    The social media icons on your new site mean so much more. We make sure your social media is a completely integrated part of your total brand image. Our developers can even program your social media feeds into your site so potential clients can see live updates of your activity. 

    Rainman Creative specializes in cohesive, digital integration. When designing your digital impression, we want to make sure that every pierce makes sense. As we said before, linking to your social media sites on your website boosts the overall SEO. But, that's not all. having a social media presence helps complete the overall digital brand of your business. 

  • Wanna Start a Project With Us?

    We're always excited to hear about a business ready to build or enhance their digital brand. Drop us a line or shoot us an email, we're looking forward to hearing from you!